Graduate unemployment and underemployment remains a big challenge in Northern Ireland and across the UK as a whole, with 50,000 recent graduates currently occupying non-graduate jobs across the UK. Many graduates are in entry level jobs, positions that would previously have been occupied by those who are unemployed/looking for work.

Graduate Internships NI can help organisations in a number of different ways:

  • Helps companies to identify and create best practice internships
  • Supporting existing internship schemes
  • Provides an online space to connect and recruit graduates in NI
  • Supporting ongoing internships

Why get Involved?

  • Attract graduate talent and support their skills development
  • Help tackle graduate underemployment and unemployment
  • Invest in students who live and work in your area
  • Help retain graduate talent in Northern Ireland
  • Become a responsible business internship provider

What’s expected from you?

  • Have a meaningful graduate role available
  • Internship positions should last from 6-18 months
  • Role must be remunerated
  • Each intern should receive a mentor or point of contact


Posting and Advertising

  • Advice on job specification and content
  • Access to good practice guidelines to help organisations become a responsible internship provider
  • Promotion of role across Business in the Community’s online networks
  • Consultation with internship executive
  • Social media promotion
  • Access to PR opportunities (When available*)


Graduate Selection

  • Candidates recommended for interview
  • Interview scheduling with candidates
  • Interview follow up


Ongoing Support

  • Assigned internship executive
  • Support to further upskill interns
  • Ongoing skills review meetings (Optional*)


For more information or to sign up, email hilary.hanberry@bitcni.org.uk, andrew.nisbetfriel@bitcni.org.uk or call (028) 9046 0606.